Strolling the streets of Paris is like walking through wonderland.Indeed, Paris is a dream.

So let's talk food. The food is DIVINE, I ate my way through Paris with baguettes, cheese, + even more cheese. Not to mention, just about every french pastry is the best you'll ever taste. You've never had a croissant until you've eaten a croissant aux amandes! Although I love french food, I also had an amazing meal at a delicious Italian restaurant. Clearly the French can do no wrong no matter what cuisine.

Honestly, anywhere you go in Paris can turn into an adventure. I loved just wandering the streets stumbling upon beautiful places, small little shops + cafes. I have separated Walking Through Paris into 2 parts, because honestly there is just too much goodness for one post.

Oh, in case you were wondering... yes I did sneak into someone's adorable courtyard to take some photos [eee], it was just too cute not too.

Bisous Bisous -K

Dress: TOPSHOP | Jacket: Zara | Shoes: Guiseppe Zanotti | Hat: TOPSHOP | Bag: Alexander Wang